The City of Danbury Connecticut led the development of the Ives Trail Greenway, a regional trail of some twenty miles that links open spaces in Redding, Bethel, Danbury, and Ridgefield, Connecticut.

The trail begins in Redding open space, passes through Terre Haute in Bethel, through Wiedel Meadows, Tarrywile Park, and Wooster Mountain State Park in Danbury, and on to Pine Mountain and Bennett's Pond in Ridgefield.

The Ives Trail is named in honor of Charles E. Ives, the composer, who loved to hike and camp in the area. Born in Danbury in 1874, Ives is noted for his original classical compositions, winning the Pulitzer prize in 1947 for his Symphony Number 3. Charles Ives also has the distinction of being Connecticut’s state composer.

The trail passes by the site of Charles Ives' cabin...

as well as the relic of a country estate long gone...

About Charles Ives:

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    The Ives Trail officially opened on June 3, 2006, National Trails Day, when 19 persons became the first to hike the entire trail. Read a description of that day.

    A second group hike was held on June 5, 2010. Read a description of that day.

    Hiking enthusiasts who have completed the Ives Trail from start to finish can apply for a commemorative patch suitable for affixing to a jacket, backpack, or hat. Apply for the patch. Ives Trail t-shirts can be purchased at Tarrywile Mansion.

    Please be aware that the trail traverses some difficult and rugged terrain. If you encounter terrain which is beyond your ability, please turn back. Those who use the Ives Trail do so at their own risk. Although the trail has been completed, some sections need further work.

    Parts of the trail are open to mountain bikes and horses, but by easement agreements some sections are not open to them. The trail is not open to any motorized use.

    The Ives Trail Committee has carefully planned a trail that protects sensitive environmental areas. In consultation with The National Park Service and The Conway School of Landscape Design, a management and maintenance plan for the trail has been prepared. Local conservation groups, the City of Danbury and Towns of Bethel, Redding and Ridgefield are strong supporters of this greenway.

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    To volunteer for trail work or to notify us about trail conditions, send us an email message: Ives Trail Committee Email
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    Trail Maps:
  • Ives Trail Map
  • Ives Trail Brochure
  • Bennetts Pond Map
  • Pine Mountain Map
  • Tarrywile Park Map

    Open space and parks through which meanders the Ives Trail:
  • Bogus Brook Preserve, Redding
  • Terre Haute Open Space, Bethel
  • Wiedel Meadows, Danbury
  • Tarrywile Park, Danbury
  • Wooster Mountain State Park, Ridgefield
  • Pine Mountain Reserve, Ridgefield
  • Bennett's Pond State Park, Ridgefield
    Organizations and agencies that helped develop the Ives Trail:
  • Danbury Conservation Commission
  • Ridgefield Conservation Commission
  • Tarrywile Park Authority
  • Bethel Land Trust
  • Redding Land Trust
    In the News:
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